martes, 23 de junio de 2015

Ways to cope with stress

Deny it. Think you're not stressed at all, it's just a feeling people get when they see you chewing the same gum for hours until your jaw aches. Keep on drinking green tea and downloading inspirational pictures to use as wallpapers, so Audrey Kitching of you. Write neverending lists of thing you need to do, "just so they don't hang in the back of your mind". Procrastinate, you are so relaxed about all those pending things you still haven't done that you sit and watch a movie. Freak out. Realize all the time in the world is not enough for you to get everything done. And what's worse, you don't want to do any of it. Wonder, would I be kicked out of my job? Would I loose the subject? Would I fail the exam? Find strength. Re watch Devil wears Prada for the hundrieth time just so you can focus just as Andy did and get your shit together. As soon as you finish the movie you realize you've lost most of your day and now you have to cook super and so you're out of time. Well, nevermind, tomorrow it's another day to go back through all the stages again.

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