lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

Talk truth or keep it shut? Where’s that slim line between speaking your mind and starting an embarrassing moment? You cannot simply tell your friend “you’re talking shit. Be real for God’s sake, get your head out of the balloon you live in and see further than your nose”, that’s a bit aggressive I think. But why do I have to keep censoring my thoughts because of other people? I mean, if they are your friends they should accept you for who you are, right? And if they aren’t then why bother? However you cannot expect to meet new good people if you keep on with such attitude, but you might just meet the right ones… anyways, who has the damn answer for all my no-see-the-limit problems?

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  1. a cuanta gente que formaba parte de mi vida ya ni siquiera veo porque me interesa una mierda lo que me contaban y teniamos, en el fondo fondo, una relación tóxica de amistad...?
    Y nunca se lo dije. Pero creo que lo saben...


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